Dog Grooming Services in Tonawanda, New York

Grooming can be a comforting and amazingly fun experience for your dog. Bring your fur baby to my spa and let them enjoy a wonderful grooming experience in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Your canine friends will benefit from attentive one-on-one care that will leave them healthy, happy and cute. From warm towel treatments for every dog to complimentary deep conditioning treatments and teeth brushing, I will take care of your baby. You also may choose to stay and watch quietly or relax if you like. I have coffee, tea, and snacks available for you as well.

I absolutely love decorating dogs with bows and bandanas so please don't hesitate to ask for both!

All accessories are complimentary. 


Sales tax not included in pricing

All quotes given are estimates

Full Groom Services for dogs requiring haircuts: $60 and up (25lbs and under)

  • Includes: Ear cleaning/plucking, teeth brushing, nail trimming, massaging bath, choice of my basic hypoallergenic shampoo or condition-specific medicated shampoos, hypoallergenic conditioning treatment, warm towel treatment, gentle hand-dry, choice of a full-body haircut or light trim up and undercoat removal with full de-shedding treatment
  • cologne, and bow/bandana (upon request)

A bath and haircut is for breeds that have long growing hair all over their body that require regular trimming. Maintaining a regular grooming schedule is essential for these types of breeds from a minor tidy up to a full haircut. I can do what your preference is! 

Haircut breeds must see me every 8 weeks or less to stay in my rotations. This also includes breeds that need minor trimming. Pricing starts at $60 with an hour and a half to two hours to complete.  

Pricing reflects the size, coat type, coat condition, and behavior. Shorter clips need 7-8 week schedules and longer clips need 4-6 week schedules. Any type of all-over trimming is also considered a haircut.


Full Groom Services for smooth coated dogs: $40 and up (60lbs and under)

  • Includes: Ear cleaning, teeth brushing, nail trimming, massaging bath, choice of any basic shampoo, warm towel treatment, gentle hand-dry and undercoat removal with full de-shedding treatment
  • cologne, and bow/bandana (upon request)

Basic is NOT in our vocabulary. We never perform “just a bath” as your dog needs so much more than that! Full-service bathing IS still considered a grooming and will receive everything listed on our website. No corners cut at this salon!

A full-service bath will be done along with the all-inclusive services. No trimming will be done with this service with the exception of pad hair under the paw. A great option for short-haired dogs, and for an in-between clean up for haircut dogs.

Pricing varies depending on size, coat type, coat condition, and behavior.


Service Specifics

  • Haircuts: full-body haircut or partial trim-up
  • Gentle Hand Drying (cage drying for fearful, seizure-prone and some senior dogs)
  • Warm Towel Treatments for every client after their bath
  • Hypoallergenic Conditioning Treatments included in every full groom
  • Medicated Shampoos included if needed
  • Deshedding Treatments included at no extra cost
  • Nail Trimming: $10 walk-in service (included in every full-groom)
  • Teeth Brushing included in every full-groom
  • Blueberry Facials: $5 with full-groom
  • Nail Dremmeling: $15 walk-in, $10 with full-groom

Spa Services Packages

  • Deluxe Spa Treatment $25: Nail Filing, Blueberry Facial, Paw Lotion, and a photograph of your pet.


Facial Shampoo

  • Blueberry Facials are used for reducing facial/beard stains and leaves your dog smelling like blueberries.

Basic Shampoo

  • Davis Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Medicated Shampoo

  • Davis Chorhexidine Shampoo
  • Davis KetoHexidine Shampoo
  • Davis Sulfur Benz Shampoo
  • Zymox Enzymatic Shampoo


  • Davis Hypoallergenic Cream Rinse
  • Davis De-shed Rinse
  • Davis Pramoxine Anti Itch Dog Cream Rinse

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Every dog gets a nice warm towel to snuggle after their bath. Chance always enjoys his warm towel treatment.