Dogs requiring haircuts must be groomed at least every 8 weeks or less. Smooth coated dogs must be groomed at least every 12 weeks or less..

  • This helps the dogs get accustomed to being groomed on a regular basis and will help them be as comfortable as possible with the grooming process. (Dogs that are professionally groomed regularly, realize that its a part of life. Dogs that are not professionally groomed regularly think they are being punished.)
  • This ensures that all of my clients are proactive in the grooming requirements for their dogs.
  • Dogs that go past those times will be $10-$20 extra.

Rabies vaccination records are required to make a grooming or nail trim appointment.

We accept cash, checks and Venmo payments.

If clients wish to stay and watch the grooming process, or arrive early; We simply ask that there is absolutely no talking in our lobby and especially not to the dogs as we use very sharp tools and we need the dogs complete focus and trust to safely groom them.

Flexi-type leashes are strictly prohibited to protect all of our clients and their dogs.

  • We have slip leads available for use in our lobby/reception area.

Reminder calls or texts are offered as a courtesy and are sent out on Sundays or for regular clients, may be sent out the day of the appointment if they wish. .

  • All clients must confirm their appoinments.
  • Please confirm as soon as possible or a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Please make sure to cancel before 24 hours of the appointment time or a $25 fee will be assessed. I always try to make exceptions for serious circumstances.

Clients may drop off their dogs early up to 15 minutes prior to their grooming appointment.

  • Additional early drop off can be arranged for a fee of $10 and may drop off up to an hour prior to grooming appointment.

Clients are notified via phone call or text 30 minutes prior to grooming completion.

  • To ensure that I can provide one-on-one grooming, clients are asked to pick up their dogs within 45 minutes of grooming completion.
  • Additional after grooming care can be arranged for a fee of $10 for one hour after grooming and $15 for an hour and a half after grooming.

Basic quotes for grooming prices may be given over the phone, however can change when dog is dropped off and even while the dog is being groomed.

  • Grooming prices can change due to inaccurate description of breed, the condition of the dogs coat, build up of feces or excess eye booger build up (this requires longer tub time to allow for safely soaking their face or bottom so the buildup can be removed gently and safely without irritation), the dogs temperament (biting, excessive barking, being uncooperative), having more than 2 adult fleas on them or being picked up late. 

Dogs are required to be on a reputable flea preventative.

  • If more than 2 adult fleas are found on a dog, a fee of at least $40 will be added to the total grooming price.
  • When fleas are found on a dog, a lot of time must be taken to sufficiently disinfect the entire grooming shop; including flea bombing the shop at the end of the day. This is done to protect all of my clients and their dogs.