Matting is incredibly uncomfortable and completely preventable

. All haircut breed clients are required to maintain an every 8 week or less appointment to prevent this. Why? Well, to put it simply that is what is best for your dog. Often times dog owners are not properly brushing, combing, bathing, and drying their pets at home. When these things are not done routinely, dogs become uncomfortable. Nails overgrown, hair in the eyes, hair pelted and pulling on the skin, stinky, the list goes on. Regular hygiene regimens are part of owning a haircut breed. Matted dogs take extra time, labor, and products. Special care and handling is also usually needed as pets that are not groomed regularly do not tolerate the process well. I charge a minimum of $20 added on to the standard groom fee due to these reasons. Sometimes I may refuse service if I feel a grooming at a vet clinic is a safer option.

How often should your dog be groomed?

This depends on the breed of dog you own, coat type, and how long you want the haircut to be. Anything a half inch or longer requires a 4 week schedule. Shorter than a half inch can be anywhere from 5 weeks to 8 weeks depending on how short. Nails should be trimmed monthly. When the nails grow out and are long enough to touch the floor they are pushing back into the foot causing pain. This will cause many problems over time including foot deformation, arthritis and chronic pain issues. Regular bathing is the best way to ensure their skin and coat remain healthy. A professional bath, blow dry, and comb out will prevent knots and unwanted shave downs.

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