A reliable, experienced and Certified Dog Groomer;

And additionally a Licensed and Registered Veterinary Technician

Is the fur on your canine friend overgrown and hiding your baby's true cuteness? Is your smooth coated dog shedding uncontrollably? Let me help! 

I provide one-on-one private grooming that will make your baby fresh, pampered and content, regardless of his or her age. Located in North Buffalo, New York, The Groom Room offers professional haircuts and special treatments to help dogs in WNY look their best. Owners who share the belief that a regular 8 week or less grooming session is essential to caring for their pet absolutely love the structure of my salon. 

I will help you come up with a haircut that will work with your budget and set you and your pet up for success. Through out the year I participate in continued education and attend grooming seminars to advance and perfect my craft. I am currently earning my Pet Aesthetician Certification and am studying to become a Master Groomer. 

At The Groom Room, I do everything from massaging hypoallergenic baths to skin condition-specific medicated baths. Every dog also gets hypoallergenic conditioning or de-shedding conditioning treatments, teeth brushing and warm towel wraps after their bath to create the full spa experience for your fur baby. Trust me to take care of your dog and I will combine my 20+ years of professional grooming experience with top-quality grooming and bathing products to comfort and beautify your beloved pet.

I am the only grooming business in the area that allows you to watch your furry friends being groomed. So, feel free to sit back and relax in the lounge while I give your dogs the best spa experience of their lifetime.

Because I have been grooming since I was 13, I am unfortunately restricted to what type of dogs that I can groom. I am currently taking new clients with dogs that need haircuts that are 25lbs or less. I am also currently taking new clients with smooth coats that are 60lbs or less. I am unfortunately unable to groom any large breed dogs with long coats.

Please read through my business policies as they are very important and can alter the price of grooming considerably.

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Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, I am currently doing curbside pick-up. Clients may stay in their cars if they like, I can come fetch your pup from your car. Once you arrive, clients are asked to call and text to let me know where the location of their car is. Clients may also come to the door. If I am finishing up with a dog, please wait patiently, as knocking on my door can be very distracting and dangerous as I need the complete focus on the dog that I am working on. 

I do not answer the phone while I am grooming as I like to focus on my work as best as possible. Please leave a detailed message if I am unable to answer.

Clients wanting a same day nail trimming and/or nail filing are asked to text my phone, I will respond as soon as possible. 

I do not offer same day grooming appointments. 

I accept cash, checks and Venmo payments.

If you would like a gentle, one-on-one private grooming experience for the furry ones in your family, I can be reached at (716)777-9809 for any inquiries or to schedule an appointment. 

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